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Divorce can affect credit scores, especially for women

From dividing up marital assets to getting used to new living arrangements, ending a marriage can result in many changes and challenges for California couples. Because of all the issues related to a divorce, some soon-to-be-exes overlook matters related to their credit that could have a long-term effect on their ability to manage their finances.

Couples seeking divorce may wish to speak with a lawyer

In Manhattan Beach and across the United States, many couples seek legal counsel from a divorce lawyer. Both spouses may feel conflicting emotions, and long-term marriages are particularly difficult when one of the spouses decides to file for divorce. Major issues like property division cause frustration, especially when numerous assets are involved.

About co-parenting

People in California should understand that doing what is necessary to make a co-parenting relationship work requires making sure that the best interests of their children are prioritized. Many parents who get a divorce tend to not realize that while their marriage may have ended, their children's relationship with their other parent has not and that it is important that the other parent remains a part of the children's lives. It is worth noting that there are situations in which it may be necessary to ensure that the children are distanced from a parent, such as when that person is abusive.

New California law creates pet custody in divorce

Unless there is a prenuptial agreement in place, among the most complicated matters in any divorce between high-income spouses is what to do with major assets, like a family-owned business, investments and real estate holdings. Some of these items may hold some sentimental value on top of their monetary worth. But for many pet owners, getting to keep their beloved animal companions is perhaps just as important as getting their fair share of the marital property.

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