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Tips for helping children in the divorce process

California parents who get a divorce can make the process easier on their children by making an effort to get along with one another. Even if parents are angry at one another, they should avoid showing their children this. At minimum, they should make an effort to be civil to one another and avoid telling children about the other parent's faults. They should also try to be communicative about scheduling changes. Child support should be paid on time.

The rising number of gray divorces has experts worried

Divorces in California and around the country involving couples over 50 years of age have doubled in just the last two decades, and what are known as gray divorces accounted for one in four filings in 2010. In 1990, just 10% of divorces involved an older couple. This trend has demographers worried because divorcing later in life can often have dire financial consequences. According to a recent study conducted by a pair of researchers from Bowling Green State University, spouses going through a gray divorce can expect to see their household wealth decline significantly afterwards.

Parents have options when child support payments are too high

When a child mostly lives with one parent, the other parent might pay child support so that both parties share financial responsibility for a child's needs. However, not everyone who owes child support makes payments. California residents might wonder what happens when a parent cannot afford these payments.

Protecting assets when saying 'I do' again

Money can present problems with any marriage in California. But financial issues tend to be more front-and-center when one or both spouses is marrying again, a situation more common among older couples. In fact, two-thirds of previously married people between the ages of 55 and 64 have tied the knot again.

The wedding date might predict chances of divorce

When California couples are planning their weddings, the farthest thing from their minds is divorce. They are usually focused on creating a special day that will be remembered by all who attend. However, according to a new study from the University of Melbourne, the actual wedding date might be a factor in predicting the chances of divorce.

Documents needed to prepare for divorce

Women in California who are considering divorce should first gather some financial documents. Having information means being prepared, and this will be important when heading into a divorce. First, a wife should get copies of her tax returns for the past three years. This will show the couple's income.

Making divorce easier on the kids

Many ex-spouses in California have difficulty agreeing on issues related to child custody. While most parents want what is best for the children, it can sometimes be difficult to know what is actually best for them. The first question parents considering divorce might ask themselves is whether a divorce itself could be harmful to their kids. One child psychologist says that the answer depends on the state of the marriage and life at home.

Divorce can affect credit scores, especially for women

From dividing up marital assets to getting used to new living arrangements, ending a marriage can result in many changes and challenges for California couples. Because of all the issues related to a divorce, some soon-to-be-exes overlook matters related to their credit that could have a long-term effect on their ability to manage their finances.

Couples seeking divorce may wish to speak with a lawyer

In Manhattan Beach and across the United States, many couples seek legal counsel from a divorce lawyer. Both spouses may feel conflicting emotions, and long-term marriages are particularly difficult when one of the spouses decides to file for divorce. Major issues like property division cause frustration, especially when numerous assets are involved.

The importance of prenups for older couples

Even though a prenuptial agreement can be an important document for any married couple, it's all the more valuable for couples who have sizable assets to safeguard. Most couples in California who get married young may feel justified in neglecting a prenup since they probably haven't accumulated much wealth yet. However, it's a different story for seniors who may be considering entering their second or third marriages.

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