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The importance of prenups for older couples

Even though a prenuptial agreement can be an important document for any married couple, it’s all the more valuable for couples who have sizable assets to safeguard. Most couples in California who get married young may feel justified in neglecting a prenup since they probably haven’t accumulated much wealth yet. However, it’s a different story for seniors who may be considering entering their second or third marriages.

People who decide to get married when they are older tend to have more financial concerns that could be affected by a new relationship. For starters, they may want to make sure that they can provide adequate support for the family in retirement. They might also want to make sure that they leave sufficient assets to their children should they have any.

As a result, a prenuptial agreement can be an ideal tool that can help with all the above needs and more. Not only can a prenup help a couple plan how they will tap into their retirement asset pool when the need arises, but it can also help establish what should happen to said pool in the event of either spouse passing away. In such a manner, both spouses can be assured that their loved ones will be taken care of no matter what happens. Over and above, a prenup can prove instrumental to couples who end up getting divorced.

While some may think a prenup will dampen romantic feelings, it is still an essential tool that can help provide a couple with security and strengthen their relationship in the long run. Therefore, many couples about to say “I do” might stand to gain from reaching out to an experienced lawyer who will be able to provide advice and guidance.



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