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Finances Complicate Divorce. We Can Help.

California’s economy is among the largest in the world. Our residents are truly innovative, and your hard work should get respect. When it comes to a high net worth divorce, this means that your property is complicated. You are going to need a professional who has done this before.

Call The Law Offices of Keith F. Simpson for a legal consultation at 310-297-9090.

Your family life is already complicated, and divorce can just make things even more difficult to sort through. Our firm is ready to be your emotional anchor. We will hold your hand through this divorce and make sure you have the time and emotional energy to heal. Let us take your legal worries off your plate.

Some Assets Take An Experienced Hand

The Law Offices of Keith F. Simpson is known for highly personalized legal care. Since 2004, our staff helps families in Manhattan Beach and across Southern California with complicated divorce. We can walk you through division of:

Without a legal profession with experience in high-asset divorce, you stand to lose a lot of money. Our lawyers help clients from business professionals to stay-at-home mothers. You are in safe hands with us.

Are You Ready For An Attorney?

The sooner you begin your valuation, the better. Our legal team begins by evaluating your marital assets and creating a full picture of your finances and assets. Then, we can help you prioritize your belongings. Call our office at 310-297-9090 for a full evaluation. If you cannot call, please email us to begin.