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We Can Help Protect Your Assets During Divorce

One of your biggest concerns during divorce is almost certainly how to divide your property between you and your spouse. You may be wondering:

There are a lot of things you should be wondering about. This is normal. Let our attorneys help you understand what to expect and how to get the things you need for yourself going forward. You can reach us at 310-297-9090.

What Is Considered Marital Property For Asset Division?

Marital property, also called community property, is property that you and your spouse acquire during your marriage. This means initial property you own, such as a house or a business, prior to your marriage is generally considered yours. This also applies to inheritance and certain other types of property.

However, property that initially was yours alone may have become marital property over the course of your marriage. Here is how: If you and your spouse have refinanced a loan, if you have put your spouse’s name on your property or relied on your spouse as a contributor to a loan or mortgage, that property may be community property. The legal change in your property or their contribution can lead a California court to define property as shared, even if that is not the case on paper.

This means that some of your property you think is yours alone may actually be subject to division.

Hiring A Lawyer Is The Best Way To Protect Your Assets

The courts try to divide assets up as evenly as possible. But this does not mean that they prioritize your property the same way you would. At The Law Offices of Keith F. Simpson in Manhattan Beach, our attorneys advocate for you so that you have the best chances possible for a positive result. Our lawyers do more than just talk you through the legal process. We put you first. Email us for a consultation today, or call our office at 310-297-9090.