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Domestic Violence, The Law And Your Options

Domestic violence and abuse are extremely serious charges. The law treats them with clear priority: Safety is always first. The first thing to do is file for a temporary restraining order. California law provides for many different options, and the consequences for an accused person are great. Moreover, domestic abuse allegations can drastically change the nature of a family law dispute.

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that requires patience and compassion. You are not alone. Call us at 310-297-9090. We want to listen and help you.

How Domestic Abuse Can Change Your Legal Needs

Family law is fundamentally different than criminal law. When you are found guilty of domestic assault, you serve your time and the criminal justice system does not follow you forever. In civil court, a domestic abuse charge can change your legal future forever. An existing conviction or restraining order can affect the accused by:

Do You Need Help Regaining Rights After Domestic Assault Allegations?

Everyone deserves a good defense. And, when you are accused of domestic violence, your defense is not just in court. You need someone to stand up for your rights when it comes to your children, family and finances. After over 20 years practicing law, our team can help you. When your family is on the line, it is time to get a lawyer.

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Get The Help You Need

Domestic violence is never acceptable. If you are struggling to find a safe way to leave or stop a dangerous domestic situation, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Keith F. Simpson are here for you. You can reach our Manhattan Beach office at 310-297-9090 or through a completely confidential email.