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Cryptocurrencies Challenge High-Asset Division in Divorce

Going through a divorce leaves high-net-worth spouses with complex asset division issues. In 2009, Bitcoin first announced its existence to the world. It took approximately 10 years before cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin became hot topics for people contemplating divorce proceedings. The problem escalates when applied to high-asset division in divorce. In legal offices all over the globe, lawyers discuss cryptocurrencies as they relate to divorce.

Only a handful of family law lawyers have experience with cryptocurrencies as they relate to high-asset division in divorce. Most attorneys do not have knowledge about how to divide cryptocurrencies. This lack of knowledge could lead to long-drawn-out divorce proceedings because it is difficult to divide the fluctuating cryptocurrency values. Plus, a clever spouse can find ways to hide cryptocurrency holdings. Calling in the expertise of a digital forensics expert may lead to the hiding place. But the tactic produces more expenses.

Making your coparenting relationship stronger

If you are trying to bring up your child under a shared custody parenting plan, you will know that this can be a big challenge. Accepting that your children will not be brought up solely in your home, and understanding that they may be subject to the influence of stepparents, can be very difficult to deal with.

If you are currently having problems in your coparenting relationship, you should know that there are many strategies that you can use to improve the situation. Creating a strong foundation for coparenting does not happen overnight, and there will always be obstacles. The best approach is to keep the well-being of your child as your focus, and try to learn as you go.

Researchers say texting helps kids cope with divorce

Kids and teens in California have made texting a favorite form of communication. Though adults sometimes worry about the effects of texting and online chatting, a new study shows that there are some benefits, especially for kids who live with only one parent. The researchers say that texting and internet communication is helping to keep children of divorce in steady contact with both parents.

In the past, children of divorce were thought to be negatively affected by arguing between their parents. The better the parents got along with each other, the better off the child was emotionally. But now researchers say that recent studies indicate that the relationship between the parents doesn't matter as much as the relationship each parent has with the child.

The importance of prenups for older couples

Even though a prenuptial agreement can be an important document for any married couple, it's all the more valuable for couples who have sizable assets to safeguard. Most couples in California who get married young may feel justified in neglecting a prenup since they probably haven't accumulated much wealth yet. However, it's a different story for seniors who may be considering entering their second or third marriages.

People who decide to get married when they are older tend to have more financial concerns that could be affected by a new relationship. For starters, they may want to make sure that they can provide adequate support for the family in retirement. They might also want to make sure that they leave sufficient assets to their children should they have any.

Divorce and credit card debt: Things to do, things to avoid

Once you decide to divorce, you'll turn your immediate attention to the many assets that require division. From your family home to your vehicles, from your furniture to your electronics, several things will come into play.

Even though property division is important, don't lose sight of any joint credit card debt. If you ignore this early on, it could come back to cause you harm in the future

Co-parenting is a challenge, but may be rewarding

When you and your spouse decide to co-parent your children after divorce, it's a great step in the right direction for your children's care. However, there are some do's and don'ts of co-parenting following a divorce.

The reality is that co-parenting can cause a lot of stress. You and the other parent must determine how to raise your child even when the other person isn't there. It's like being on the same team, but you also have to follow the same, or similar, rules.

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