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Co-parenting and children’s devices

Managing technology and devices for children inspires unique challenges when a child’s primary decision-making authority rests with co-parents. As digital tools become increasingly integral to education, communication and entertainment, co-parents must navigate the complexities of setting consistent rules and boundaries for their children’s tech use, which isn’t always easy when there are two distinct households in play.

This effort ultimately requires careful coordination and communication between co-parents to better ensure that technology positively influences their children’s lives rather than becoming a source of danger, conflict or distraction. Establishing a unified approach to technology management is crucial.

Creating a technology plan

Developing a shared technology plan can effectively align expectations and rules regarding children’s use of tech devices. This plan should cover various aspects, such as the age-appropriateness of devices, what apps and websites are allowed and how to handle online safety and privacy. By discussing and agreeing on these topics, co-parents can present a united front, making it easier for children to adapt to and respect the established boundaries.

Open communication and flexibility

Open communication between co-parents is vital when managing children’s use of technology. This includes regularly updating each other on new apps or games that children may be interested in and any concerns regarding their online behavior.

Flexibility is also essential. As children grow, their needs and challenges will change, necessitating adjustments to the technology plan. Regular check-ins can help co-parents stay on the same page and adapt their strategies as needed.

Certain technology guidelines can be built into a parenting plan, so both parties have them in writing. Getting this together as quickly as possible after a separation can benefit children because they can learn the new guidelines and become accustomed to them quickly as they’re adjusting to all other changes in their family dynamic instead of being forced to come to terms with new guidelines in a piecemeal fashion.



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