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Same-Sex Couples Come To Us For Family Law Needs

As a law firm, The Law Offices of Keith F. Simpson takes your case very seriously. We know that change can be difficult, especially for same-sex family law clients who have fought for equality under the law and finally won. You need someone who will listen and who can commit to putting your needs first. Part of our lawyers’ mission is to guide you through each step of your family law needs and provide you with the legal security you need to get back on your feet.

We help same-sex couples through adoption, separation, divorce and other legal needs. Call us in Manhattan Beach at 310-297-9090 to schedule a consultation.

Is A Registered Domestic Partnership Different Than A Marriage?

The addition of new rights for same-sex couples has led to many people asking more and more questions about their legal options.

The primary differences between registered domestic partnerships (RDPs) and a marriage are almost all at the federal level. If you choose to enter into an RDP, you may experience difficulties such as:

  • Hospitals may not recognize your RDP during an emergency. This means you may not be able to make medical decisions for your partner.
  • You may not be eligible for a joint tax filing. If you choose an RDP, your federal tax filing, or filings in other states, may not have the same rights.
  • You may not get alimony if you move. Other states do not recognize domestic partnerships as the same as marriages. This means you may lose out on spousal support if you or your spouse moves.

Some of these difficulties have legal remedies. Others do not. For more information, especially on the differences between domestic partnership and marriage when a relationship ends, call our attorneys.

Can I Get Custody Of My Pet?

Pets are considered property by the court. Who gets ownership and under what circumstances varies by situation. In large part, your pet is subject to similar terms as regular property division and can be settled through an independent agreement outside of the court. However, new California statutes allow the court to determine custody of your pet on the basis of what is in your pet’s best interest. Speak with our Manhattan Beach lawyers for more information.

Caring Guidance For Your Family

To get the care you need, email us today. Better yet, call our office at 310-297-9090. We are caring attorneys who pride ourselves on being sensitive to the needs and issues facing LGBT families.