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Making your coparenting relationship stronger

If you are trying to bring up your child under a shared custody parenting plan, you will know that this can be a big challenge. Accepting that your children will not be brought up solely in your home, and understanding that they may be subject to the influence of stepparents, can be very difficult to deal with.

If you are currently having problems in your coparenting relationship, you should know that there are many strategies that you can use to improve the situation. Creating a strong foundation for coparenting does not happen overnight, and there will always be obstacles. The best approach is to keep the well-being of your child as your focus, and try to learn as you go.

There is a difference between disagreement and disrespect

As coparents, there is going to be a time when one of you disagrees with the other. This is inevitable in any relationship. But it is the way that you handle this disagreement that really matters. A disagreement in itself does not automatically mean that a person is being disrespectful, and there is no inherent reason for an argument to result.

However, many people are disrespectful in these discussions, and this is where conflict can arise. You should try and communicate in a way that minimizes conflict and moves forward so that a compromise can be agreed upon.

Sticking to your promises is key

As coparents, you should have some type of parenting plan in place. There should be some things on the parenting plan, such as pick up times and locations, that are given priority and should always be adhered to. These specifics could also include dietary requirements or disciplining strategies.

You should avoid conflict and act in the best interests of your child by ensuring that you always stick to these prioritized agreements on the parenting plan. If you do not stick to them, troubling consequences can arise in regard to the health of your coparenting relationship.

If you are currently struggling to achieve a healthy coparenting relationship, you may need some help in establishing boundaries and ways of communicating effectively. In addition, you may want to revisit the custody plan in place regarding your children.



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