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About co-parenting

People in California should understand that doing what is necessary to make a co-parenting relationship work requires making sure that the best interests of their children are prioritized. Many parents who get a divorce tend to not realize that while their marriage may have ended, their children’s relationship with their other parent has not and that it is important that the other parent remains a part of the children’s lives. It is worth noting that there are situations in which it may be necessary to ensure that the children are distanced from a parent, such as when that person is abusive.

Effective co-parenting can also be accomplished by ensuring that the households of both parents have the same rules. In order to avoid conflict between parents, it may be ideal to focus on establishing general expectations rather than enforcing hard rules. All the people who live in each household, including the parents, children and stepparents, should abide by the expectations. This allows the children to enjoy some consistency as they shuttle back and forth between households, and it eliminates any arguments the parents may have about following certain rules.

Communication is a very important part of a successful co-parenting relationship. However, in some cases, it may not be possible for parents to adequately discuss an issue on the phone or in person without devolving into an argument. In these situations, it may more suitable for parents to communicate with one another using the internet.

A family law attorney may help divorced parents resolve conflicts regarding child custody and visitation issues. A lawyer may negotiate on behalf of clients to help them develop an effective co-parenting plan. An attorney may also advise clients of their legal options if they want to change the terms of the child custody agreement.



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