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The wedding date might predict chances of divorce

When California couples are planning their weddings, the farthest thing from their minds is divorce. They are usually focused on creating a special day that will be remembered by all who attend. However, according to a new study from the University of Melbourne, the actual wedding date might be a factor in predicting the chances of divorce.

Researchers from the University found that some special dates seem to be connected to higher divorce percentages over time. Valentine’s Day, for example, which is a popular date for wedding celebrations, is one of those dates. Researchers, who analyzed data for a million married couples, found that 11% of couples married on Feb. 14 were divorced within five years. The rate increased over time with 21% divorcing within nine years. Other specific dates, such as Sept. 9, 1999, which would be written as 9/9/99, also had higher divorce rates over time. The reason, some speculate, is because couples looking for cute dates might be more concerned with planning the perfect wedding celebration and less concerned with working toward a healthy, stable marriage.

While making a marriage work happily is the goal of all married couples, this is sometimes just not possible. When differences become irreconcilable, the topic of divorce might be on the horizon. For this reason, it is important for couples to be aware of their options, their rights and the state legislation that will regulate how the dissolution of the marriage proceeds.

For individuals who find themselves discussing divorce, the help of a family law attorney might prove useful. An attorney may explain the options available and provide guidance about the divorce process. An attorney may also represent clients in negotiations for the divorce settlement as well as during court appearances.



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