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What does domestic violence look like?

You may think you will never be in an abusive relationship in California. However, even the strongest people can find themselves on the receiving end of abuse from their partner. It is important to know what abuse looks like so you can protect yourself if you are ever in this situation.

When people consider domestic violence, they may first think about physical abuse. The National Domestic Violence Hotline says that physical abuse is one form that domestic violence might take. Your partner might slap, kick or punch you. However, it is important to realize that physical abuse can take other forms. Your partner might be a dangerous driver when you drive with him or her. Additionally, this person might drop you off in places you have never been before and leave you there by yourself. If someone abuses you physically, he or she might also try to keep you from sleeping or withhold food.

It is important to know that physical abuse is not the only way that domestic violence manifests itself. A controlling partner might also try to keep you from accessing your bank account. This person might steal your money or use your credit cards without asking you first. Additionally, your partner might try to keep you on a strict financial allowance and ask for receipts so he or she can track your spending. Financial abuse can also consist of denying you money to pay for medical care and food.

Additionally, it is necessary for you to remember that some abuse is emotional. A controlling partner might keep you away from your friends and family or humiliate you in public. Someone who abuses you emotionally may also say the abuse is your fault and that you will never find a better person than him or her. Your partner might also try to control where you go and who you see and damage your belongings when he or she gets mad. If you realize that your partner exhibits these behaviors, it is a good idea to seek help.

This information is general in nature. You should not use it in place of legal advice.



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