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What can I do to make joint custody easier?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Firm News

Sharing the custody of your children when you are in a marriage is easy. You both work together and are present in the same household to back each other up. However, things change after a divorce in California. You have to make parenting work from two separate households with a partner who you make no longer respect, like or want to talk to. For the sake of your children, though, you must find a way to parent together. 

Parents Magazine explains that joint custody situations are quite common because courts believe children need both parents in their lives in a meaningful and adequate way. Joint custody allows you to be able to develop good relationships with your children and stay involved in their lives even if they do not live with you the majority of the time. 

To make this situation work, you and your children’s other parent need to put aside any issues from your marriage and focus on the children. Think about what is best for them over anything else. 

You need to have open lines of communication, and do not use the children to carry message to each other. You will have to speak with your ex-spouse directly. Find a communication method that works best. That might be texting or even emails. Whatever allows you to communicate effectively will work. 

You also need to be flexible. Sometimes schedules change. You cannot always help that. Be ready to take the kids if needed for a different schedule than you normally have. Be open to changing days you have the kids and making adjustments. This will help avoid tension and make things easier on everyone. 

When you work together to parent your children everyone wins. Joint custody does not have to be a battle and it should not be something that causes stress. You must find a way for this to work for the sake of your children. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 



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