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What should I know about counseling and child custody matters?

In the course of your divorce proceedings, you will have to tackle the subject of custody for your children. During this process, the California court may order or offer counseling options. Counseling often helps when there are disputes about custody matters or when the court feels the children could benefit from the services. Sometimes the law mandates you must complete counseling to continue with your divorce and custody cases.

According to The Superior Court of California, the law requires that you and your children’s other parent attend counseling if you cannot reach an agreement on arrangements. The counseling occurs with a private counselor. You will work with each other and the counselor to come to an agreement. If you happen to reach an arrangement you both agree upon before your counseling date, then the court will waive the counseling requirement.

You may also undergo counseling through the parent orientation meeting. This meeting provides you with information about child custody and the process of determining and deciding a custody arrangement within the family court.

The court also retains the right to order you and the other parent to attend other types of counseling. This may include counseling for substance abuse, family counseling or parenting education counseling. This is at the court’s discretion, and the court will determine counseling needs by what it discovers through information provided in your case.

All custody counseling is to help the children in the situation. The reason behind it is to help provide stability for the children and ensure they have the chance to form meaningful relationships with both parents. This information is for education and is not legal advice.



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