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What Can I Do To Help My Children Through Our Divorce?

Most divorces have some level of difficulty to them, but if children are involved there are nearly always minefields to navigate. Fortunately, due to the high prevalence of divorce it is likely that your children will have peers who have gone through the same process. However, there are many things that you can do to help ease your child through your separation. According to WebMD, introducing as few other major changes to your child’s life is very important. 

It is a good idea to try and keep the children in the same house after the divorce if at all possible. In the event that the custodial parent cannot afford to maintain the original family home, moving somewhere in the immediate neighborhood is smart. Keeping the children in the same home, or at least the school district will help give them a sense of normalcy that will assist with navigating the divorce. 

It is also understandable if you feel guilty and want to give your children extra privileges during this tough time, but make sure that you do not loosen up on normal routines like bedtime. Children thrive with routine, and letting your kids stay up later than normal or eat extra dessert routinely is actually going to hurt them more in the long run. 

Another important step is to find an appropriate avenue for your frustrations. Even if your ex-spouse is difficult to deal with, try not to say anything negative about him or her in front of your children. No matter how you feel about your ex-spouse, this person will be your child’s other parent for the rest of your lives no matter what. 



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