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3 tips for telling your children about divorce

When you and your spouse got married, you joined million of other Americans who also underwent this rite of passage. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2017, half of Americans over the age of 18 had a spouse.

If you and your spouse have decided to get divorced, you probably have many concerns about the process, especially about your children. To make telling your children about your divorce easier, try out some of these strategies.

Wait until you are certain

You and your spouse may go back and forth about getting a divorce in the days leading up to your final decision. Until you are absolutely certain that you will end your marriage, wait to tell your children. Once you make this decision, plan for the actual conversation, including how you will present the news and the timing.

Tell your children together

Even if you believe the divorce is your spouse’s fault, you should both tell your children about the impending event together. Present a unified, calm front to your children. Do not talk about what led you to get a divorce, get into an argument or blame each other for the dissolution of your marriage.

Explain what will happen 

Your children will inevitably want to know what will happen now that you and your spouse are getting divorced. Tell your children where they will live, when they will spend time with each parent and as much detail about what their future will look like as possible.



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