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Why are women more likely to file for divorce?

People in California may be shocked to find out that women are much more likely to file for divorce than men are. This is true even in the case of same-sex marriages. According to a 2017 study in the UK, 78% of same-sex divorces were requested by lesbian couples. Even in heterosexual marriages, this statistic flies in the face of conventional wisdom. If women are more likely to want to get married, why are they also the first to seek an exit?

The role of imbalance

Many women today are raised to expect equity. And in education and the job market, there are rules in place to make sure that women get a fair shake. Relationships are more unpredictable, though. And studies show that men still expect the women they marry to do much of the child care, housework and emotional labor. All of this can just be too overwhelming for most women. That’s especially true when they work outside the home. Women with degrees, in particular, may be reluctant to put their own ambitions on hold indefinitely.

Marriage can be constraining

It’s also important to realize that marriage can be constraining, no matter who the parties involved are. For example, single people have their own social lives, careers and friend groups. They may derive a lot of support from these things. But in a marriage, some of that will have to go by the wayside.

Each married partner has to make room for another. For some women, after the honeymoon it can feel like their partner is taking over their lives. They may start to lose themselves. In that case, divorce may seem like the best and most readily available remedy. An experienced divorce lawyer can help women get the relief they’re seeking.



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