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When a forensic psychologist is called

Child custody lawsuits in California and throughout the country should help a judge determine the best possible living situation for a child. If you are in one of these child custody cases in court, it is important to have all of the help you can. Continue reading to learn about the help a forensic psychologist can provide.

Who calls the psychologist?

A forensic psychologist can help in determining a child custody agreement on a much faster basis. This is especially true if your child’s other parent is uncooperative. Your lawyer may choose to call the forensic psychologist, or the judge may choose to.

How can they help?

A forensic psychologist conducts a child custody evaluation in order to determine an agreement. This gives a piece of expert advice to the judge so that he or she can make a final call. This will typically make the process go much quicker.

What is the evaluation?

The child custody evaluation involves several rounds of interviews with different individuals. You and the other parent are the first set of interviews completed so that everyone can understand your home situation, general and mental health, and well-being. After this, your child will be asked about their likes and dislikes to get a better sense of where they may want to live. Finally, grandparents, teachers, pastors and any other individuals who can serve as a witness to your family may be interviewed to give a more complete picture.

A forensic psychologist may help you reach the agreement that is necessary for your child to have the life he or she deserves. You may want to contact your lawyer today to get more information about bringing in a psychologist to your child custody battle.



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