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Can science predict a divorce?

There are plenty of compatibility tests that some couples take to help them determine if their marriage will stand the test of time. California couples have probably seen them in magazines, books and other places. But is it possible for science to predict divorce?

Is early passion a sign of trouble?

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates that couples who are overly attached at the beginning of a relationship often end up divorcing. Experts say that in some cases this early display of intense affection can be a sign that one or both parties are lacking in other areas and seeking to overcompensate.

Expensive engagement rings

According to a study from Emory University conducted in 2014, men who spend more than $2,000 on an engagement ring often end up getting a divorce. In fact, the study showed that divorce was three times more likely in those couples than those who opted for a cheaper engagement ring. The belief is that these couples are less likely to be financially responsible when unavoidable financial hardships come up in the future.

It’s not all about sex

Many couples who experience an intense and wonderful sex life early in the relationship tend to base the entirety of their relationship on intimacy. While sexual compatibility is an important part of a romantic relationship, it cannot be what the entire relationship is built on. Experts believe that these couples are more likely to split once their amazing sexual chemistry becomes normal for one or both parties.

Whether or not science predicted your divorce, the end of your marriage is a stressful proposition that will greatly alter your future. You may find it advisable to work with an attorney who who has experience in these types of family law matters.



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