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Could nesting be a good post-divorce option for your family?

Every good parent wants their divorce to have as little negative impact on their children’s lives as possible.

One option for families seeking stability and consistency for their children is nesting. This alternative to kids of separated parents allows them to stay in the family home while their parents take turns staying with them.

Benefits of nesting

A major benefit of nesting is that your kids do not need to pack and remember to bring all of their belongings with them from one home to the other. It can also save both spouses money since a second wardrobe and furniture are unnecessary with this arrangement.

Additional quality time with your offspring is another significant blessing associated with nesting. The alternative solution allows parents to spend precious minutes normally spent driving their kids to or from their home actually enjoying their company. Lastly, perhaps the most important advantage of nesting for minors is the comfort of remaining in their surroundings throughout an uncertain period of their lives.

Potential disadvantages of nesting

Though nesting can work well for couples going through an amicable divorce, those with a particularly difficult split may experience dilemmas with this approach. If your spouse is uncooperative or having trouble respecting boundaries, nesting may not be the right option for your family. To draw clear limitations, you may need your own space.

If you are considering nesting to allow your children a sense of normality as you go through a divorce, determine whether you can both respect one another’s boundaries with this option. If so, perhaps you should give it a try.



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