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How can you build your visitation transportation plan?

When working out your divorce arrangements, transportation plans for visitation serves as one of the things you should keep in mind. While many people do not stop to consider it, it is an obvious and crucial part of the shared custody process.

But how do you build your transportation plan? Is it an easy task? And exactly how much does it help?

What to decide in advance

Live About discusses matters crucial to divorce, such as figuring out your transportation situation. Before all else, you should come up with a designated meeting point. Many co-parents will not want to travel all the way to their ex-spouse’s house to drop off or pick up the child, for a variety of reasons. In these situations, you need to come up with a neutral meeting point that you can drive to.

You also need to decide who will hold the responsibility for transportation if you choose to visit one another’s home. Does the parent with the child drive them back to their co-parent’s house? Does the co-parent come to pick them up?

Sticking with it

Next, follow the rules. Factor in the cost of transport. Discuss procedures to handle unusual situations, such as the parent transporting the child running late. Include things such as the use of seatbelts and car seats if applicable. Set parameters if the child will ever need to travel or fly alone, as well.

Then, once you have all matters set, stick to them. Parents who do not abide by the transportation or custody plan risk the court holding them in contempt, which could potentially put future visitation privileges at risk.



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