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What is non-physical domestic abuse?

It is a common misconception that domestic violence is only physical abuse. However, it can include a range of different types of abuse, and they are all equally damaging and harmful.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services explains that domestic violence can also include economic, emotional and verbal abuse.

Economic abuse

Economic abuse relates to money or physical possessions. In an abusive situation, your partner may not allow you to have control over money, including the money you earn. He or she may damage your property or take it away from you. It is common for an abusive partner to use money as a way to control you or as a bribe to get you to do what he or she wants.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse taps into your feelings. This type of abuse can be difficult to recognize because you may think it is your partner expressing his or her feelings. For example, you may see extreme jealousy as your partner just loving you a lot and not wanting to lose you. However, it becomes problematic when your partner begins acting in negative ways due to his or her feelings.

Emotional abuse can also include manipulating you by using your feelings. This could also make you feel bad or even isolate you from others in your life.

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is anything negative your partner may say to you. It could be name-calling or talking down to you. Humiliation is a common tactic used by abusive people that is a type of verbal abuse.

In a domestic violence situation, an abuser may use multiple types of abuse to tear you down and make you feel bad about yourself.



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