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What do you know about running a business with your ex?

Not only were you marital partners with your ex, but you were business partners, too. While you ended your marriage, you could still have a company to run together.

Kiplinger breaks down three mistakes divorced business co-owners must avoid while dissolving their marriage. Learn how to protect your company while moving on with your life.

Not seeking help when you need it

Divorce could make it hard for you to focus on work and implement systems that keep your enterprise afloat. Rather than wait until stress buckles your knees, seek help as soon as you need it. Even if you have the emotional and mental bandwidth to run your company while divorcing your current business partner, that does not mean you must handle everything alone. You and your business deserve every opportunity to grow and thrive, no matter the circumstance.

Making business decisions with your heart, not your head

Now is the time to view your ex-spouse as a business partner and co-worker. Communicating with your former marital partner like you would a co-worker could keep you from making emotional decisions that bring your company tumbling down. Before committing to anything, ask yourself if you aim to uplift your business or hurt your ex-spouse. Making misguided choices could harm your company and professional reputation more than you know.

Not relying on your spouse’s professional experience

Do you remember why you and your soon-to-be-former marital partner started a business together? If she or he has business experience, insights or resources, continue tapping into them during your divorce.

Some individuals work better as business partners instead of spouses. The right insights help them protect their business from the effects of divorce.



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