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Your divorce and parenting your children

Raising your children while navigating a divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences. Despite the ebb and flow of your own emotions, you need to help your children understand why their family dynamic has suddenly shifted.

Knowing some strategies for parenting your children during this unprecedented time may give you encouragement and hope.

Your children’s needs

Take a moment to think about how your children tend to react under pressure. Each of your children will handle stress differently depending on their personalities, ages and understanding of the situation. According to The Mayo Clinic, some of the emotions your children may express include fear, anger, sadness and resentment.

Knowing how your children typically respond can help you cater to their individual needs. You may also consider working with a therapist who can help you target your children’s needs. A therapist will have the resources to teach your children about handling emotions and triggers in ways that will not cause harm or destruction.

Your schedule and routine

Children thrive on consistency. Divorce can complicate your effort to keep things stable. However, your effort to establish a consistent routine as soon as possible may alleviate some of the uncertainty your children feel. Collaborate with your ex to determine a reasonable visitation schedule. If possible, keep your children in the same school and in the same home.

Having a trustworthy attorney representing you may allow you more time to focus on your children. You may be more emotionally available when someone else handles the logistics of your divorce settlement. Alongside your attorney, you can work toward a settlement that will provide optimal benefits for you and your children and enable you to move on with your life.



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