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How should you respond to financial questions from your coparent?

When it comes to raising kids, determining how to spend your money may feel like a losing battle. Many parents have trouble balancing the books when it comes to raising kids. After a divorce, balancing your finances may become more complicated than before.

Random expenses come up with kids. They may have medical bills, extracurricular fees, hobby costs and more. According to U.S. News, you need to be open to working with your former spouse.

Answer your ex’s concerns

If you want to co-parent correctly, you have to be able to communicate. Co-parenting does not work if the parents never speak to one another. If you know your children want to participate in an upcoming activity, discuss it with the other parent as quickly as possible. Your former spouse may be more likely to help with the costs if he or she knows about it in advance. Let your spouse be part of the process.

Keep the kids the focus of the conversation

When your spouse talks to you about finances, make sure your kids stay at the forefront of your mind. Think about what your children need rather than what you may feel about your ex. You may want to track what you and your spouse pay for in some cases. For example, you may handle unexpected costs one time and then switch for your spouse to handle the next. Keep in mind that if your ex does not feel strongly about something, it may mean that you need to pay for it. Think about what your kids need and the benefits of paying for expenses that your ex will not.

Create a system as early as possible for how you plan to pay different childhood expenses.



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