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How can you succeed at parallel parenting?

Divorce does not always wrap up in a neat bow. Hostile feelings may linger between a couple following the divorce, despite sharing children. Co-parenting is not ideal for every couple. Instead, you could have better results with parallel parenting.

Parallel parenting allows you to raise your kids with your former spouse with as little communication as possible. According to WebMD, there are ways you can stay involved with your children’s lives without staying involved with your ex.

Focus on the little details in your parenting plan

Parallel parenting plans need to have all the details ironed out in advance. For instance, you need a rigid schedule and a specific place to drop off and pick up the kids each time. You should also know what to do in the case of an emergency or when things do not go as planned. For instance, how do you and your spouse make it up if you need to cancel visitation?

Create a book to travel between homes

Consider using a communication book to travel between your and your ex’s home. When you have the book, add the date and your name. The book should have important matters concerning your kids. For instance, for young children and babies, add feeding and sleeping times, potty training updates, medical appointments and developmental milestones. Your book should also list any new injuries, illnesses or new interests and soothing methods.

The book allows you to keep some structure and routine between both houses. You and your spouse may not want to communicate face-to-face, but both must stay updated on the kids.

In some parallel parenting schedules, the two parents choose which functions they attend rather than attending all functions together.



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