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What do custody courts look at when you move out of state?

After a divorce that involves children, there is still a lot you need to communicate about with your ex. Custody arrangements look out for the best interests of the children, but sometimes you or your spouse need a change.

When moving out of state, it is important to consider what California courts look into before changing the custody arrangement you originally came to with your spouse.

California’s move-away circumstances

As the Judicial Branch of California breaks down, there are a number of different factors to consider when one parent seeks to move away. Often, the original custody arrangement has a great deal of influence on what one parent must prove for the courts to confirm the decision.

Sole physical custody

If you have sole physical custody of your children, you have the option to move away at your leisure — barring a situation where your ex proves to the courts that the move would harm your children.

Joint physical custody

The roles reverse in the case of joint, physical custody. When you share custody with your ex, it is your responsibility to show the courts that the move away is in the best interests of your children.

Navigating court-ordered visitations

Anytime a move, or even a trip, risks you or your spouse missing a visitation date, there is a process to follow. Failure to follow these procedures may require the courts to enforce their visitation orders. When seeking permission from the courts in California to travel or move out of the state, it is important to lean on your resources so that you remain consistent and clear with your information and documentation.



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