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3 challenges of shared custody

Divorce happens. When it does, ensuring the best custodial arrangement for your children becomes the highest priority.

With shared custody on the rise, it may offer an ideal solution for you and your ex-spouse. While this type of custody has many advantages, it also comes with challenges.

1. Visitation disruptions

Whether intentional or not, visitation disruptions rank high as a common custody issue. If you or your co-parent have a change in your lives, it may require rethinking the current arrangement. While an occasional disruption may cause you now concern, repeated failure to abide by the visitation agreement may lead to additional court hearings.

2. Remarriage or relocation

While you do not move on from your kids, you do move on with your life. In some cases, that may mean moving to another state or remarrying. When that happens, it puts the current agreement at odds. It also makes visitation much more difficult for everyone involved. This type of massive change may negatively affect your children’s living environment. When relocating, the courts will determine the best interests of your children.

3. Economic changes

Whether a sudden health issue or loss of income, your ability to provide factors into the custody arrangement. If those unwelcome situations result in poor living conditions or create other factors that impact on your children, you will need to revisit the set arrangements to determine the best solution.

Child-rearing comes with surprises. Although an initial agreement may seem to benefit everyone involved, challenges will arise that require immediate attention to ensure your children’s well-being.



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