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Preparing for your court date to determine child custody

Divorce when you have children involved can amplify emotions. You might feel a much stronger urge to fight when the topic in question is the well-being and care of your children.

Knowing how to adequately prepare for this critical court date may increase your confidence and poise. With the right steps, you could improve your chances of a satisfactory outcome.

Familiarize yourself with the laws

Do some research about custody laws in the state of California. Familiarizing yourself with what child custody is and how most courts determine a decision can improve your understanding. Having a basic knowledge of these laws can also help you protect your rights and push for a fair outcome without making irrational requests.

Learn about courtroom etiquette

Child custody involves a few aspects of your children’s life. According to the California Courts, parenting plans include who your children will live with, when they will visit each parent and details about the care they will receive.

Courtroom etiquette can have a surprising impact on your reputation as a parent. Appropriate dress attire and professional behavior can go a long way in corroborating your claims of being a responsible parent. Refrain from emotional outbursts and never publicly accuse your soon-to-be-ex of wrongdoing.

Know what to expect

Knowing you will need to share your children with someone you no longer wish to have a relationship with can surface a lot of emotion. Preparing yourself for what could happen in a courtroom might help you handle difficult challenges with more poise and dignity.

Setting expectations for yourself could help you stay levelheaded and prepared to push for a fair settlement. Putting your children first at all times may also help you keep a realistic perspective of your child custody battle.



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