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Passport denial as a result of back child support

If you fall behind on child support, it is very important to understand the penalties that could follow. Many non-custodial parents find themselves in this position, and some do not realize the various ways that missing support payments can affect their lives. Aside from the suspension of your license, high levels of stress, a damaged reputation and even time behind bars, you could face passport denial.

Losing your passport could disrupt different aspects of your life, whether you have plans to go on a vacation you have dreamed of for years or you need to head overseas on business.

Unpaid child support and your passport application

California Child Support Services covers some of the penalties that parents face after failing to pay child support, such as license suspension and passport denial. According to CSS, the State Department will refuse to issue a U.S. passport if a parent with at least $2,500 in back child support submits an application.

In addition, the State Department refuses to renew passports belonging to parents who owe over $2,500 in back support.

Dealing with child support to address passport denial

If you have received a notice regarding the denial of your passport application due to back child support, CSS says to contact your child support office for help. You could have the ability to restore your passport privileges if you pay arrears.

This also highlights the importance of staying current and avoiding delinquency in the first place. For example, if you have difficulty paying child support due to major financial changes in your life, modifying your child support order could help prevent passport denial.



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