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Domestic violence and divorce: What do you need to know?

Domestic violence is a prevalent problem across the country, and it happens to be a leading cause of divorce in California. If you are the victim of domestic violence, and if you wish to take steps to free yourself of the situation, it may help to first understand a bit more how domestic violence affects divorce.

From what the state constitutes as domestic violence to how the crime affects divorce, the California Business Journal explores all you need to know about domestic violence. You can use this information to advise your next steps.

Domestic violence under California state law

Per California state law, domestic violence is any type of physical or mental abuse against a romantic partner or household member. It is also any type of willful or purposeful behavior that either causes harm or bodily injury or places a household member or partner at risk of harm or bodily injury. Such behavior may include but is not limited to biting, kicking, hitting, slapping, punching, shoving, humiliating and torturing.

Types of domestic violence in California

California state law recognizes two types of domestic abuse. The first is domestic battery, which involves force or violence toward a partner but does not result in visible injuries. The second is corporal injury, which is physical violence against a cohabitant or spouse that results in visible injuries.

Domestic violence is a very real issue that can affect your quality of life, your marriage and divorce. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, seek help right away.



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