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Making the most of your parenting time

If the courts awarded your ex custody of your children, chances are you will receive parenting time. This means you have allotted times throughout the week, month or year when your children will visit or stay with you.

The adjustment to divorce will take time for everyone. Your children may react differently to changes in the family dynamic. They will need your support to adapt. Your effort to maximize your time with them may facilitate this adjustment.

Maintain a stable routine

Your children’s entire world shifted when you and your ex parted ways. This drastic change most likely introduced uncertainty and fear. Concerns about who will care for them and what life will be like may plague their minds. During this time, make an active effort to maintain a stable routine. When you have time with your children, prioritize their extracurricular activities. Participate in homework instruction. Keep mealtimes as they have always been. Maintaining a stable routine can bring comfort and reassurance during an unprecedented time.

Make your children the focus

You may resent your ex when you experience a volatile marriage. However, continuing to harbor bitterness could jeopardize your relationship with your children. According to U.S. News, when you have parenting time, refrain from speaking negatively about your ex or verbalizing complaints about differences in parenting. Keep your focus on your children and their needs. Ask them about what they feel excited about. Set goals together. Your ability to love and support them without putting them under the pressure of your dissatisfaction with their other parent will make a meaningful difference.

Parenting time allows you the chance to continue to build a strong bond with your children despite no longer living under the same roof. Using this opportunity to its fullest can make everyone’s experience more positive.



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