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Back child support could jeopardize your licenses

If you owe unpaid child support, you need to understand the different ways this debt could affect your life. Aside from financial consequences such as losing your tax refund or the seizure of your assets, you could lose your driver’s license as well as other licenses, such as recreational licenses.

Losing your license could negatively affect your career, finances, mental health and ability to enjoy life. If you currently struggle with paying child support on time or already owe unpaid support, it is essential to familiarize yourself with how the state handles license suspension and go over your options carefully.

License suspension and unpaid child support

California Child Support Services covers the license suspension process as a result of back child support. In this state, you can lose your driver’s license, recreational license (such as a hunting or fishing license) and professional license as a result of failing to pay child support.

In fact, the Department of Motor Vehicles and other agencies receive a notification when parents fall over 30 days behind on child support payments.

Paying child support to protect your licenses

If you received a letter from the DMV or another state agency regarding unpaid child support, you must respond within 150 days to avoid losing your license(s). After falling behind again, these agencies only give you 30 days to respond before suspending your license. To prevent the suspension of your license or secure the release of your license, Child Support Services suggests reaching out to the agency that manages your child support case.

In addition to paying back child support, you could benefit from exploring legal options, such as modifying your child support order to make payments more manageable.



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