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2 reasons a high-net-worth marriage can cause a divorce

Today, both spouses in a marriage are more likely to work for a living. Many married couples don’t earn the same salary and are not on the same career path. As a result, one spouse may make a much larger income than the other. This can create an imbalance in a couple’s dynamic.

For example, the spouse who is earning a lower income may decide to quit their job and pursue other career paths or become a stay-at-home spouse/parent. However, the other spouse may not be as inclined to support this way of life. Or, the spouse earning a higher salary may make large investments and expect their spouse to participate. However, the other spouse may struggle financially as a result.

This kind of dynamic can lead to divorce. Many marriages end because of money-related issues. Here are a few more reasons why a high-net-worth marriage may end in divorce:

Financial abuse

Some married couples agree that one spouse is meant to take on the role of breadwinner and the other is to care for the home, pets and children. To achieve this, one spouse may not work. The spouse who makes a living for the rest of the family may use their earnings to control what their spouse can and can’t do. This can become financially abusive if the stay-at-home spouse can not access any bank accounts or credit cards and does not have their name on any property.

Marriage for financial stability

While many people marry the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, others may marry with the sole intent of financial stability. For some people, this may not seem like a legitimate reason for a marriage. Someone who discovers their spouse is married for financial stability may feel betrayed.

Money is a complicated issue when deciding how to disentangle the complexities of a marriage. People who learn about their legal rights during a divorce may have a better outcome. 




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