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Why would you need to change a custody schedule?

Parents going through a divorce can discuss what each parent’s custody rights and obligations are for their children. Parents can decide how much each parent is involved in their children’s upbringing and when each parent is responsible for physical custody. Parents who share custody may need to create a schedule. 

A child custody schedule can help decide when each parent has their children. Parents with physical custody are responsible for providing clothing, food and shelter for their children. Custody schedules can allow parents to rotate physical custody every day, week or month. 

There’s not one single custody schedule that works universally. Parents often have to discuss what a unique schedule looks like to them. However, a custody schedule may need to be changed even after much debate. Here’s what you should know:

Your child has developed special needs

As children grow, they can develop medical issues and disabilities that require constant attention from parents. A child custody schedule may have to work around a child’s special needs. This may mean that one parent has more physical custody than the other. 

You’re moving away from your child’s other parent

Many people move after a divorce. A parent who is moving away from the other may create hardships on their children’s well-being. If necessary, a custody schedule may need to be altered to accommodate the long distance between parents.

Your work/school schedule conflicts with your custody schedule  

Custody schedules typically work around each parent’s work and school schedules. Parents may need to request an altered custody schedule if their work or school schedules change and conflict with current parental obligations. Parents can’t often predict when this will happen. 

Parents who understand their legal rights may have more options when discussing an altered child custody schedule. 



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