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How to handle holidays after a divorce

Holidays can be challenging after a divorce, especially when kids are involved. Both the parents and kids no longer get to experience the family activities they were used to. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can have the best holidays after divorce.

Here is how you can do this:

Have a holiday schedule

When making a regular parenting schedule, you should also create a holiday one. You don’t want to conflict with your co-parent every holiday. A detailed holiday schedule lists all holidays of the year and specifies who will be with the kids. You can also use this schedule for vacations. 

Stick to the plan 

Having a holiday plan does not necessarily guarantee a smooth experience. You and the other parent should stick to it. Consider putting the information in the holiday schedule in your shared calendar to avoid missing out on dates.

Let the kids know about the schedule

It can be more manageable when your kids know where they will be during a certain holiday. Accordingly, they can be prepared earlier. You don’t want your child to make plans with friends in your neighborhood when they will be spending the holiday in the other parent’s neighborhood. 

Have new traditions

Not doing what you were used to during holidays can create stress. But you don’t need to keep doing them to maintain your family spirit; you can create new traditions. You don’t have to change everything at once or stop doing what the kids enjoy the most, but you can create a few customs and introduce them gradually.

It’s possible to have amazing holidays with your kids after your divorce. Seek legal guidance to create a practical schedule.  




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