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2 types of subtle domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is relatively prevalent in the U.S. Unfortunately, over a million incidents of domestic violence are reported every year. While the majority of victims are women, a significant number of men also experience domestic violence

Nonetheless, domestic abuse does not always involve violence. Numerous other types of abuse can be more subtle, but still very damaging. Here are two important types of abuse that can happen:

1. Keeping tabs on your every move 

While married couples should do things together, it’s also important that each spouse has their own space. This could include things like individual hobbies and different friend groups. Space is an important aspect of any relationship. 

Domestic abuse can include things like refusing to allow a spouse their privacy. Nowadays, things like phone trackers make it very easy to follow people. Sometimes, these apps can be utilized without the other person knowing. Another factor to consider is social media. If your spouse has hacked into your account or taken a look when you were not present, this is crossing a line. Spying and snooping can be abusive and they can be the beginning of more serious behaviors like stalking and violence. 

2. Lowering your self-esteem 

Spouses should want each other to thrive. Each partner should try and build each other up rather than knock one another down. Sometimes, an abusive spouse will make constant put-downs and mask them as jokes. This is often done in an attempt to lower self-esteem. This type of behavior in itself can be abusive, but it’s also a precursor to more serious and controlling behaviors. Dehumanizing language, for example, can be a precursor to violence.

An abusive marriage is an unhealthy marriage. If you feel trapped, then it’s important to know that you are not alone. Seeking legal guidance will help you assess your options in more detail and provide the protection you need.  



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