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Man and wife both arrested for domestic violence

For many people in Manhattan Beach, the image of a perfect marriage is simply a facade projected to others to hide the actual suffering that some who are party to it are enduring. Domestic abuse remains a problem plaguing countless relationships, and in many of these cases, those being abused only remain because they believe that they have no way out. Fear keeps them bound to their abusers and subject to the suffering that those abusers inflict. Yet there are resources out there to help them both escape the abuse and end the broken marriages that enable it. 

One such resource is the criminal justice system, which is committed to ending contact between abusers and their victims. The recent arrest of a Mississippi public official demonstrates this. Law enforcement authorities responded to reports of a domestic disturbance occurring at his home. Upon their arrival, they discovered sufficient evidence to indicate that abuse had indeed happened. What is unique about this case, however, is that it was discovered that the abuse had been dealt out by both sides. Thus, both the man and his wife were taken into custody. 

In a subsequent hearing, a judge ordered that there be no contact between the two. Court officials understand that it often takes the threat of criminal charges to deter domestic abusers from seeking out their victims after those victims have fled. This should serve to provide those looking to escape abusive situations hope that they can indeed find a way out. One resource that can point them in the right direction for finding the assistance they need to officially end their abusive marriages is an experienced family law attorney. Those looking to finally end the violence they have been experiencing may be wise to seek such a professional out. 



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